Tubal Reversal Cost

Surgery for reversal of sterilization is not usually covered by insurance companies.

Total costs for this procedure will be $6,000 if performed as an outpatient. This includes fees to the surgery Center, anesthesia, and surgeon’s fees. There will be additional charges for any other procedures performed at the same time, such as cyst removal, myomectomy, fimbrioplasty, etc. If inpatient hospitalization is necessary, the total charges will be higher and dependent upon the length of stay in the hospital. In order to schedule surgery, a non-refundable $400 deposit must be paid in advance. The remainder is required at the pre-op visit. The surgery center and anesthesia fees are also required in advance. Please contact them directly to make payment (see below for instructions).

There is an additional $900 fee for some patients: women who are 5’3” and under, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 32 or higher; and women who are 5’4” and over, with a BMI of 33.5 and higher. We do not operate on patients over 300 lbs or with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 45. Patients with a BMI of 40-45 may or may not be candidates and must be evaluated by Dr. Keenan to determine this in advance of surgery scheduling. This visit would incur a routine office visit charge.


Non-refundable fee for scheduling and preoperative history and exam.
Surgeon's Fee
Surgery Center Fee
Anesthesia Fee

High BMI fee
Overnight hospital stay

Total Cost

To arrange payment for Turkey Creek Medical Center, please call their Pre-registration Department at (865) 545-3466 or (865) 545-7819 and let them know you are paying for bilateral tubal reversal at the contracted rate above. The procedure code is 58752.

To arrange payment for anesthesia, please contact Karen Foerstner at American Anesthesiology at (865) 342-8990.

Our office accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER, with a 2% surcharge, or Cashier’s Checks.

Fees are subject to change without notice. Updated August 21, 2019.