Additional Tubal Reversal Information

About the Operation

We typically perform this procedure on an outpatient basis, using a small 6 cm bikini-type incision. We do not prefer to perform the procedure laparoscopically, although this could be considered under special circumstances. The operation typically takes 2 ½ to 3 hours. Numbing medicine is injected into each tissue layer after the operation so that the patient is comfortable enough to leave the Surgery Center several hours after the operation. Recovery time is shorter because of the small incision size, but your ability to return to normal activities or work will vary.

Tubal Reversal and Overweight Women

Unlike many clinics, we do offer tubal reversal to overweight women. However, the extra time and effort requires an additional charge. Please see "Fees" for more information.

Patients that are significantly overweight may not be able to have their operation performed on an outpatient basis. This is because the abdominal wall may be too thick to utilize the very small incision, so a larger incision must be made, which may require an overnight hospital stay. This determination must be made at the time of the initial exam. This procedure is just as safe and successful when performed through a standard, larger incision. Exceptions to this post-operative hospitalization have been made if around-the-clock nursing care is available to the patient for 24 hours. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the likelihood of being able to perform the operation through a small incision as an outpatient without performing a physical exam. You should also be aware that, in rare cases, too much of the tube may have been removed to perform this operation, or that severe scar tissue or other abnormalities could prevent the successful performance of this operation. Of course, this is not known until the time of the operation.